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Paléogénies inc. Is proud to offer to all the trivia game fans the equipment they need to enjoy their passion. These tools are reliable, sturdy, accurate, and yet affordable for the most demanding of you.

We proudly provide several elementary schools, high schools, colleges, student associations, social clubs, as well as many tournaments organizations of all calibers that are willing to own a modern but economical buzzer systems, and game console. Our buzzer systems are perfect for Reach for the top, Genies en herbe, Opti-Genies and other quiz.

Discover for yourself the great characteristics of our Génies-Box and Génies-Station, and do not forget to glance at our interesting and advantageous options.

Génies-Box sans ses boutons
Génies-Station sans ses boutons

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The Génies-Box and the Génies-Station are made by Paléogénies inc. (Thetford Mines, Canada)
a company managed by Vincent Mercier et Simon Dostie